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Whatever may your structural 3D modeling and shop drawings requirements be, our team can always come up with 3D Modeling and drafting solution 

3D Modeling Mechnical Patrs Services 

Detailed 3D casting models from existing 2D drawings

Detailed 3D machining models for the creation of feature based CNC tool paths

Updating existing 3D models to reflect the latest engineering changes

3D models for concept parts

Convert 3D scanned files to 3D solid models

2D and 3D Floor Plan Conversion Services

Floor Plan Conversion Services

TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH’ team offers architectural floor plans as part of its CAD drafting services. This includes converting floor plans to 3D and completing any remodeling of floor plans.  

Accurate floorplans assume paramount importance for architectural companies in providing tailor-made solutions.  TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH, a recognized industry leader in architectural drawing and drafting, with its 12+ years of experience of working with real estate agents, architects, construction and civil engineering companies, is well-equipped to handle your requirements capably.  

The size and strengths of our team means that your needs involving property floor plans can be handled quickly by TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH, regardless of volume and turnaround requirements. We are experienced in using major CAD platforms such as AutoCAD and can be relied upon to deliver large volumes of floor plan conversions in a timely fashion.  

Floor Plan Conversion Options at TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH

All our floor plans are designed to meet International Design Codes pertaining to your country or state of operation.  TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH invites enquiries and we can start assisting you once we receive your input files, which may be PDFs, hand-drawn sketches or photo images of drawings. When necessary, we can also trace drawings or draft a drawing from scratch on a CAD platform. Here are several floor plan conversion options that we provide:  

2D Floor Plans

We can convert hand-sketched drawings, PDF files or legacy drawings to 2D floor plans.                                 

3D Floor Plans

TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH can accurately draft a 3D floor plan CAD drawing from legacy or 2D drawings (converting 2D to 3D). We can start with a hand sketch and first convert to 2D and then create 3D floor plans.

Other Architectural Floor Plans

We can work with all types of property floor plans such as industrial properties and other large-scale development projects.


Remodeling Floor Plans

TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH can remodel existing 2D floor plans to meet changing requirements and then convert them to 3D floor plans as needed.

Deliverables and Process

TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH is pleased to routinely offer a 12-hour or 24-hour turnaround window for most floor plan conversion services. Because of time-zone differences, the 12-hour turnaround often means that you can give us an assignment before you leave your office in the evening and the completed floor plans will be ready when you arrive at work the next morning.  

For large volumes, we can provide secure FTP access to transfer input files. Scheduling and costs will depend on the input files to be provided by the client. We can work with whatever you have — for example, creating 2D drawings from a basic input file and then converting to 3D floor plans or conversion of your existing 2D floor plans to a 3D format.  



TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH guarantees at least 98% accuracy in every project. We can maintain rigorous quality standards because of multi-level quality checks that start with trained and certified CAD drafters (all with two to five years of experience) and are constantly guided by a Senior CAD Engineer.  

Floor Plan Conversion Options at TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH

With a billable minimum of Euro 100, TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH can offer three pricing choices — per hour, per floor plan and full-time equivalent when we are working exclusively on your project. "Per floor plan" options will be based on the varying complexity of 2D and 3D floor plans.  

2D Floor Plan | 3D Floor Plan - When Can We Start Your Project

TECHCOR DESIGN GmbH is confident that you will be delighted with what we can do for your most demanding floor plan conversion needs. We can also help with floor plan marketing. Ask about our free trial for large-volume projects


Structural 3D Modeling and Shop Drawings

Whatever may your structural 3D modeling and shop drawings requirements be, our team can always come up with a service plan that will not only help you meet your requirements but also exceed your service and quality expectations all the times. Over the years, we have associated with a myriad of clients operating in diverse industries and business quarters and met even their most demanding project requirements, delivering on their expectations unfailingly. We are fortified with exceptional service capabilities to meet the requirements of clients such as steel erectors, fabricators and general contractors with diverse service specifications.


What makes us one of the most trusted and sought-after connection design and detailing services is definitely our team that has extensive domain expertise in offering matchless quality to all our clients. Our associations with numerous clients have also helped us understand the latest trends, technologies and requirements from time to time rendering us better honed and skilled to deliver our services even better.


As a client-centric structural CAD services provider in the market, we never discount ourselves from the hard work that befalls on us and we often walk the extra mile to ensure that the clients are able to drive maximum value for their investments, efforts and time with us. As we work closely with our clients, we strive exceedingly hard to deliver bespoke and custom-made services rather than providing the same package of service to all our clients without any room for the client’s individuality..

Detailing & Shop Drawings !


TECHCOR GmbH has the in-house ability to produce shop drawings for structural steel, steel joist and girder, steel deck and engineered wood. We also can produce tilt-up concrete panel layout drawings. These services can be included with a full modeling and construction documentation package or can be provided as separate service.


As a company committed to building information modeling TECHCOR GmbH is constantly pursuing ways to leverage the building model to add value to our clients by extracting more information from the model or reducing documentation time. We currently leverage the Revit model to produce shop drawings for structural steel, steel joist and girders, steel deck, engineered wood and tilt-up concrete panels.

Steel Deck Shop Drawing!


Tilt-up Concrete Documentation!


Steel Joist Shop Drawing!


Engineered  Wood Shop Drawing!



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