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The process of methodically investigating the strength, rigidity and stability of structures is referred to as structural design

Desing & Analysis

The process of methodically investigating the strength, rigidity and stability of structures is referred to as structural design. The basic objectives of structural design and analysis services are to ensure and craft structures capable of resisting the applied loads without fail during the intended existence of the structure. As a reliable structural design and analysis services provider, we have catered to a slew of structural design and drafting service requirements of the clients through our carefully conceived service propositions. With the help of the services that we provide, our clients can design exceptionally strong, effective, lightweight and load efficient structures that can stand the test of time.


Our matchless service capabilities and experience help us to meet even the most stringent project deliverables and specifications of the clients at all project junctures. As a client-centric services provider, we proffer them with all the support they need when it comes to affordable design and analyses for a wide range of their structures. We leverage our technical and infrastructural proficiencies to help various clients erect structures and facilities that display immense strength and endurance.


Whether you want our expert team to work on your shop detailing services, steel structural detailing services or structural CAD services requirements, we are well fortified in all service frontiers to proffer the clients with matchless service deliverance and values. If you are looking for a steel detailing company in India to support your projects, we have the right experience, talent and expertise in the domain.

We offer Structural Design and Analysis Services for!

•  Multi-story Commercial/Residential Buildings

•  Houses, Villas

•  Mezzanine, Warehouses, Factory units

•  Pipe Rack, Skids for Process Modules, Pipe Supports

•  Foundation 

Simulation helps you ask and answer complex and important engineering questions earlier. Allowing you to test your product virtually with real world insights.

Analysis Services & Capabilities !

Linear Stress Analysis!

Calculate stresses and deformations of parts and assemblies due to internal and external loads to validate product performance and safety while you design.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)!

Use finite element analysis to calculate stresses and displacements of parts and assemblies under internal and external loads.

Fatigue Analysis!

Predict component fatigue failures by examining repeated or random load cycles.

Thermal Analysis!

Calculate temperatures and heat transfer within and between components.

Motion Analysis!

Evaluate mechanical performance through operational movements using rigid body motion analysis

Vibration Analysis!

Examine how vibrating or unstable modes can shorten equipment life to eliminate failures.

Simulation Solutions!

With powerful and intuitive  Simulation solutions


We p[rovide virtually test new ideas, quickly and efficiently evaluate performance, improve quality, 


How we can help you..! in 


Design | 3D 2D | Analysis


Nonlinear Analysis!

Analyze stresses and deformations of geometry under general loading and material conditions

Frequency Analysis!

Identify boundary conditions and ensure that natural modes of vibration are away from the environmental forcing frequencies.

Dynamic Analysis!

Determine the impact of time varying loads on structural response for your design.


Plastic and Rubber Part Analysis!

Optimize material selection for plastic and rubber components, or assemblies containing plastic or rubber parts.


Structural Optimization!

Optimize a design to meet defined strength-to-weight, frequency, or stiffness performance.

Buckling Analysis!

Investigate the buckling strength of a design with and without environmental loads to ensure that it meets product requirements for strength, performance, and safety.


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We are German experts in Design and have enabled thousands of companies to aim high with our design solutions of Architecture, 3D Design,  2D Drafting  & Analysis.


No matter the size of your business, we have the skills and experience to propel your Design to new heights.


3D 2D | Design | Modeling | Analysis

TECHCOR  is a mechanical and architecture design firm specializing  in  design  and  product  development. We build  close  relationships  with  companies,   both  large and small, and help them  and  their crucial projects get where they need to be.





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